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All Units, Counties, and Districts sending in monies for donations, memorials, etc. please note on the check the Unit number or corresponding County or District. Believe it or not there are checks coming in that it is not apparent on the check. To get credit for your Unit properly we need to know this information! Do not staple or tape checks onto any form.

The following are on our list of not paid obligations as of today.  They cannot be a viable Unit if Obligations are not paid and membership not sent in.  These obligations were due October 20.  Units amounts vary.  Questions – call Traci at the Department Office – 515-282-7987.  Thank you.


2017-2018 year not paid


District 2

480 Mount Vernon

679 Palo


District 3

4 Hubbard


District 4

434 Quasqueton


District 7

646 Nodaway

687 Jamaica

314 Persia

695 Modale

520 Malvern


District 8

444 Dow City

90 Algona


District 9

367 Linn Grove

665 Blencoe

186 Akron


2016-2017 year not paid 


District 7

#646 Nodaway

#314 Persia



2015-2016 year not paid

District 3

#370 Goldfield

District 7

#314 Persia





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