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3/12/18:   Calling all Vietnam Veterans in the Des Moines Area!


2/6/18:  If your Unit has not paid for the use of ALAMIS this year, you need to go under FORMS and print out the ALAMIS invoice and send in your money.  We have lots of Units that have not paid!

Valued Partner –


You are invited to our local Veteran Creative Arts Show this Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 6 p.m., held in our beautiful auditorium (Bldg 4, Floor 2) on our Main Campus located at 3600 30th St, Des Moines, Iowa 50327. 


Come support these local VACIHCS Veterans and their art accomplishments in visual arts, music, dance, drama, and creative writing!  As a reminder, VACIHCS is hosting the National Veterans’ Creative Arts Festival later this year (End of October) and this is one of many local shows across the nation that lead up to this important national event.  From the local shows, first place winning entries are relooked at from the national level and many are invited to participate in the National Festival.  We are hopeful that some of our local Veteran Artists will be able to represent Central Iowa as Hometown Heroes at the National Festival this Fall!!!!


Media is encouraged to attend and these entries are a sneak peek into the amazing artistry displayed at the National Festival this fall! 


Kristi Catrenich

Public Affairs Officer

VA Central Iowa Health Care System

Office: 515-699-5588

Cell: 515-423-4122


Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business. #BeThere.







Our Mission Matters

Ann Crawford, National Executive Committeewoman for Iowa


     The recent issue of the American Legion Auxiliary magazine had an article about how your ALA dues support our mission.  The article pointed out the many ways our members are making a difference every day.  In order to support the goals of our mission, the American Legion Auxiliary needs to have quality resources in place.  Your annual dues are an investment in our organization.  Mission trainings, Divisional Junior meetings, an updated website with many tools to help you and your Units, the ability to renew your dues online, an awareness campaign to spread the word about who we are, what we do, and why we matter are just a few examples of the national leadership reaching out to help wherever needed.

     Continuing this progress requires and investment in our organization.  The last national dues increase was implemented over six years ago.  Our state dues increase was implemented with the 2018 dues.  At the 2017 National Convention held in Reno, NV, delegates voted to increase the national dues by $3 per Senior  Member, and $1.25 for each Junior Member, effective with the 2019 membership year.

     Please review your Unit dues structure and the amount you collect for each member.  The Unit Data Form is due to the Department Office by April 15, 2018.  On that form you must list the amount your Unit will collect for the 2019 membership year.  Currently (for the 2018 membership year) each Unit remits $17 for each Senior Member, and $3 for each Junior Member.  With the 2019 membership year, each Unit will need to submit $20 for each Senior Member, and $4.25 for each Junior Member to the Department Office.

     I realize some may feel this increase is a hardship.  But if you divide it out, it is mere pennies a day.  Think of the future of our organization.  Think of those serving today who may need our help.  Each member has an association with a special Veteran in their lives.  Your membership honors their service.  It is up to each and every one of us to show who we are, what we do, and why we matter.


Does The American Legion endorse sending flag stars to troops‚Äč?  





As most of you are aware, the ALA Programs Action Plan is transforming into a five-year plan (2017-2022) starting this year, with an Annual Supplement published each year containing updates on committee members plus reporting and award deadlines. This shift was brought forth by National Vice President Diane Duscheck in an effort to ensure consistency from year to year and help departments and units focus on serving the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary. This has proven to be a really big project to accomplish, but we hope that this will better assist you and your department chairmen going forward to plan for your programs with consistent information. 


Currently, the release of the 2017-2022 Programs Action Plan and Annual Supplement is set to be uploaded to the national website following National Convention. Our team is working diligently to get both documents out sooner, as we understand your planning needs for the coming administrative year. We truly appreciate your patience through this process. We will notify you as soon as the documents are available, and will mail copies to those who would like them (stay tuned for additional information).  


Please feel free to send me an email or give me a call if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your service to the American Legion Auxiliary! 





American Legion Auxiliary

2017-2018 Mission Training and Junior Meeting 

We are excited to announce the dates and locations for the 2017-2018 Mission Training Conferences and Junior Meetings:

October 14: Springfield, Illinois
October 21: Hartford, Connecticut
October 21: Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 28: Shreveport, Louisiana
January 20: Charlotte, North Carolina
February 3: Las Vegas, Nevada

To register now, click this link: Yes
Everyone who registers must have a unique email address, this includes Junior members.  If you are registering someone that does not have their own email address, please contact for instructions.

Registration Fees:
Your registration fee includes: materials for the conference, one continental breakfast and one lunch. Register early for a discounted registration fee. Those who register after the deadline or on-site may not be guaranteed all of the materials during the conference.
For more information, please click the links below:
View Event Summary 
Compliance Matters is being offered again this year! FREE information session on IRS Compliance including topics like EINs and filing 990s will take place the Friday night before the Saturday conferences from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. If you wish to attend, please select the optional session during registration!

To make housing arrangements:
Housing requests will be made through your registration process, please be sure to register by the housing deadline found on the registration website, after that time rooms are subject to availability. 

For housing information, please click here:

Not able to attend a mission training this year?
Please click this link: No
By clicking No, that you will no longer receive reminder emails to register.

Have Questions?
Please contact the ALA Event Team at



Posted 5/16/17:

National wanted to give you all a heads up about a new mailing from The Hartford that just went out to our members. It is The Hartford’s Rewards Accident Insurance.  Please go to the ALA Plan Administrator at the following number: 844.363.1726.  Do not call the Department Office.

Thank you!

Posted 1/25/17:  

Dues increase for 2018 dues $17.00 for seniors 3.00 for juniors. New dues will go in affect when you receive your membership packet in July .


Hello, Ladies.

As Department and Division leaders, I’m asking that you help spread the word about Giving Tuesday.  Please distribute the attached brochure to members of your Department.  You can include a copy of the flyer in your monthly newsletter, forward copies to all Unit Presidents and Unit Secretaries, and distribute/discuss during meetings with your own Unit.  We have just a little over a month to spread the word about this important opportunity to all members within the ALA.  Can I count on your support in distributing this message?  If you have any questions about Giving Tuesday, they can probably be answered with the information below.  However, you should also feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I appreciate your assistance.

ALAF Giving Tuesday Brochure

Dory Hammeke

Board Member, American Legion Auxiliary Foundation



Reminder for contacting the Department Office:  Please use this guideline.  Thank you.

Traci – – Obligations, Poppies, Website, 990’s

Jeannie – – Membership, Girls State, Junior Camp

Marlene – – Administrative, Communique, Blue Book, Policy Book and other business not list above

NOTE:  Traci is in the office all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday until noon.

Office Number – 515-282-7987 or FAX – 515-282-7583









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